Friday, June 06, 2008


hello today we might get to go garage sailing today but tomorrow I'm pretty sure I'll have to get up at quarter to 4.00 and have to get sorry try to get done with the route and and get home at 11.00 so we can do camerama in Cameron if you don't no what the route is its were me and my dad go and sell little Debbie's and i think this is the order of the stops walmart in lady smith county market in lady smith the food mill the corner store 2 skabrouds that are my favored stops on the route i don't no the name of this one i call it the farm store 2 bp that one the people are Reilly nice and they have two stors and one is way out in the county so they let us drop of the little Debbie's there and they bring them out two the other store and then finely jimmy boys there Reilly nice to then we get to go home i love to eat at county market they have perfect cheese omelets there if you think I'm weird taking about food after all this if you tried them you would love them its the only thing i Reilly like about the route well the only people that Reilly no all this is Rebekah Lia Brandi and Sarah my best friends so as you see I'm very busy tomorrow and happy birthday to mom,gram pa,Burke,Gina,grandma,Angie,Josie other gram pa,Isabella pasters mom,Kristi and Mrs helms new baby

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Mommy said...

Mrs. Helms' new baby says thanks for the happy birthday wish, Desti! (Or she would if she could.) See you soon!