Friday, December 26, 2008

From the vacation hotel

I'm sitting in Indianapolis. It was 48 degrees today. I can't tell you what I think of the state of Indiana because we didn't see any of it. It was covered in fog all day from the melting snow. So if you are thinking of me, wondering how I'm doing...

I'm thinking about sunbathing tomorrow.

Don't you wish you came with us???

More about our trip when we get back!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Vacation plans

We are planning our first family vacation where we are driving more than 3 hours away. The kids are excited and my days have been filled with trying to figure out what all needs to be done for the various Christmas parties, plays, concerts, and get togethers to be excited about a vacation.

Our first major destination will be the Creation Museum. This is a place that Knight has been wanting to go to since it opened. From there we will head to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and spend a day there. Then we are going to try out a new (to us) water park in Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista.

I don't know what the kids are looking forward to more, Christmas or vacation. Either way, I hope that they enjoy the plans we have made for them. And I hope I can return to my house sane after spending that much time on the road.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Jelly Telly!

Anyone who has seen more than 5 kids shows in the last 10 years has watched and probably enjoyed the work of Phil Visher. You know... the guy who came up with those wonderful guys Bob and Larry. If you are like me, you were not really aware of all the turmoil that Big Idea has been through in the last 5 years (they just laid off 2/3 of the staff last week so be in prayer for those families), but if you are also like me, you became very aware of the softening of God in VeggieTales. The last movie that was in the theater didn't even mention God at all, just sort of hinted around.

What I hadn't realized is the Mr. Visher has moved on from Big Idea and has been working on a new format for Christian entertainment for kids. It comes in the form of Jelly Telly. Jelly Telly has a show everyday with a feature film on Sundays. They have games to play as well as the daily video. Jelly Telly has been out for about a month now and we have been really enjoying it. I signed up for a free months trial membership to see how the kids would like it. It is puppets, not animation, and I didn't know if the kids were getting too old for this kind of show. After all, I see them wanting to watch Disney online pretty often.

They LOVE it! It has the same quirky humor you saw in VeggieTales, great focus on God, and they have educational parts like Dr Sniffenhousen's Wonderful World of Science, Drive through History, along with my favorite Michael's Movie Reviews. One of the best things about this is that we can watch it when we have time. As long as there is Internet, we can watch it.

If you are interested head off to Jelly Telly, check out the grown ups page. Sign up for the free trial month if you are interested. Or if you really like it and want to help out a great ministry pay the $3 a month for a subscription.

And by the way... my kids watch less Disney. They love it. Even J-Bell who gets mad if they start the show without her.

This has been De's website reviews! Jelly Telly has no knowledge of this endorsement and I'm not getting paid for it (Although I wouldn't object to payment, Mr. Visher!)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tis the Season

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We put up the tree, the Bethlehem village (my favorite decoration),

and took the family picture for this year.

The day we set up the tree I was doing some work on the computer in the living room and I heard a splash and thump. Thinking I knew what that was but thinking I HAD to be wrong I waited just a little then my conscience was screaming at me to check. So I told the kids that I thought one of the fish just made a break for it. They checked the tank. Sure enough there was only 2 fish in the tank. We checked under the Christmas tree and there he was laying under the tree, still alive. We put him back in the tank and he survived. His tail was somewhat shredded by the tree branches and he was slow moving for the first day and a half, but he's back to his old self. Desti named him Lucky when she first got him. Apparently the name suits him well.