Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tis the Season

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We put up the tree, the Bethlehem village (my favorite decoration),

and took the family picture for this year.

The day we set up the tree I was doing some work on the computer in the living room and I heard a splash and thump. Thinking I knew what that was but thinking I HAD to be wrong I waited just a little then my conscience was screaming at me to check. So I told the kids that I thought one of the fish just made a break for it. They checked the tank. Sure enough there was only 2 fish in the tank. We checked under the Christmas tree and there he was laying under the tree, still alive. We put him back in the tank and he survived. His tail was somewhat shredded by the tree branches and he was slow moving for the first day and a half, but he's back to his old self. Desti named him Lucky when she first got him. Apparently the name suits him well.

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Rach said...

I just love the pic of the kids around the glowing present. Very creative, De!