Friday, February 13, 2009

Writing the right way

While talking to my mom last night she let me know that I don't post enough. Not that she is being critical, she's right. I don't.

In my defense, it is winter, and we don't do much. Well... I don't to much. I should blog. And I will. It's my Feb 13th resolution.

Anyway, I have been doing curriculum research, getting my order ready for next year. I have been looking for a decent writing program and looked through one at a friends house yesterday. Then I went home and looked on Homeschool Reviews to see what other parents had to say about using this curriculum. And then I ran into this review that made me giggle...

i, personally, LOVE this curriculum. we r doing level 3.i like that it teaches so many different kinds of writing (descriptive,informitive,etc.) i love that it is so detail-oriented. My son's writing has improved alot in the past 6 months:) We STRONGLY encourage this curriculum.

It sounds like a good curriculum, but seriously... don't you think you should form correct sentences when you are talking about how you taught a WRITING curriculum? At least she gave me something to giggle about while doing research.

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Leeann said...

Oh boy...that's priceless1