Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just three words

I stole this from Leeann cause it looked like funI don't know what to blog about!

What I am doing: blogging and email
What I’m proud of today: up on time
What I’m thinking about: the day ahead
Who is home: kids, me, dog
Plans tonight: plans? what's that?
My weekend was: too long ago
What’s for dinner: don't know yet
Feelings about love: comfortable, accepted, complete
Feelings about life: busy, trying, joyful
What I need: have it all
What I want: house on river
What I have: way too much
My pet peeve: tartiness, clutter, fighting
My guilty pleasure: spending on me
What you don’t know about me: shh, don't tell
What I can hear: kids eating cereal
What I can smell: just my candles
My style: jeans, shirt, boring
My hairdo: long and curly
My outfit: same as always
My mood: content and ready
The weather today: I don't know
Thoughts on parenting: hard but great
Thoughts on marriage: hard but great :-)
Thoughts on politics: no one good
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: who really cares
Thoughts on beauty: eye of beholder
Thoughts on sleep: wish I could
Thoughts on writing: great cathartic release
My favorite appliance: pellet stove count?
My favorite car: not realistic, ever
My favorite splurge: out to eat
My favorite beauty secret: gel, then shake
My favorite treat: vanilla ice cream
My favorite everyday pleasure: blogging and email
Ten years ago: only 2 kids
Five years ago: schooling 2 kids
One year ago: nothings really changed
One year from now: expecting the same
Five years from now: working from home
Ten years from now: nearly empty nest :-(
I’m famous for: only imaginary fame
I’ll never be famous for: anything, thank goodness
Who I am: me, myself, I
Who I hope to be: not someone else
What I’m thankful for: my gazillion blessings

1 comment:

Leeann said...

I loved it! I love how it is only 3 words, yet we can all come up with something so different.