Friday, August 15, 2008

***Warning... Shameless Plug!***

Today I recieved a comment on my blog that made me do the happy dance. It was from the 5 Minutes for Mom Team. It read...
I am visiting from 5 Minutes For Mom, to let you know that you are a finalist in our Summer Fun Photo Contest! Congrats!
Yeah Me! So if you feel so inclined hop on over to Summer Fun Photo Contest and vote*. There are some really great photos. If you can vote for mine in good conscience that would be even better, but vote for what you think is the best.

Thanks all!

*You will not need to sign into anything so anyone can vote. (That means you, Mom!)


As The World Scraps said...

I love that picture! So cool! I will vote!

Ann said...

I just came from 5 Minutes From Mom and after seeing your picture I just had to visit your blog.
This picture is so beautiful. It strikes a chord with me and I just love it!
(It got my vote!)