Friday, April 10, 2009

Did you know???

Here is some things I didn't know but I have learned in the last 8 days....

People can still get Scarlet Fever. I didn't realize this. From conversations I've had, most others didn't realize this either.

Scarlet Fever is basically a reaction to a type of Strep Throat.
Scarlet fever is caused by an infection with group A streptococcus bacteria.
The bacteria make a toxin (poison) that can cause the scarlet-colored rash from
which this illness gets its name.
Not all streptococci bacteria make this toxin and not all kids are sensitive to it. Two kids in the same family may both have strep infections, but one child (who is sensitive to the toxin) may develop the rash of scarlet fever while the other may not.

The rash reminds you of sandpaper. Fine little bumps mainly on the trunk of the body.

You also get the slapped cheek look (red cheeks, white around the mouth).

It is treated just like you treat strep.

Once the rash goes away the skin starts peeling, especially around the fingertips and toes. No pain, just peeling. For little boys this can be fun to gross his sisters out with.

At least this is our experience.

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Mommy said...

I actually learned this just earlier this winter myself when I searching online to diagnose a rash Punky had. Before that I thought scarlet fever was a deadly disease. Not anymore I guess.

I also found that you can get a strep rash without any typical symptoms of strep if you get the disease through a cut in your skin. Weird, I thought.