Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Name that disease...

Since the illness in my house continues, I thought we could have fun with it. I will give you the background information, along with J-Bird's symptoms and we will see who can come up with what he has this time. It will be FUN!

J-Bird finished his amoxicillin on Sunday night(apparently irrelevant). Monday morning he came down with a fever of 102.7 (here starts the clues). He napped, didn't feel very well, but not REAL sick either. Tylenol helped a lot. This morning the first thing I noticed about him is that he had a rash on both sides of his face and I looked at his trunk and had some rash there too. I took his temp and it was down to 101. A couple hours later the rash is worse but the fever is down to 99.6. I took him in and got my answer of what is wrong with him this time. Here are the major clues...

-Starts as high fever. Goes down pretty quickly.

-Rash develops. This rash is known to be on the cheeks.

-A very common childhood illness.

-Normally kids get it between 3-4 years old. I guess home schooled kids may take a little longer to contract it.

It has two common names, and one technical name that I know of.

Ok, who can tell me what J-Bird has??? Come on and play along!


Mommy said...

Fifth Disease? They call it Fifth Disease because it is one of five common childhood diseases (along with scarlet fever). Guess they ran out of other names? I learn this from researching my own children's ailments.

That's my guess.

So if he's had two of five, which one is next?

molly said...

Yep-- Fifth Disease or "Slapped Cheek." :) That's my guess, too.

Rach said...

Poor, poor J! Let's pray that boy gets healthy and stays there! Down time for Mom? Let me know. I'll watch them for ya!