Thursday, December 07, 2006

In case I get yelled at again for missing Thankful thursday I will share a story of what happened this week. I recieved a call on Monday from one of my bosses saying that my job is now requiring about triple the amount of time that I have been taking in it and let me know that if I was not able to do this, she understands, but needs to find someone else. Knight and I talked and decided that since we were considering having me quit next month anyway we should probably just do it now. Step of faith cutting my earnings in half. Not huge money but our budget has me making all the grocery money. Tuesday I get a call about someone wondering about homeschool curriculum. The curriculum she described is not something I had heard of before (so I had thought) but sounded like it may be good. I didn't think much more of it. Later that day another friend mentions that same curriculum so I do some research. I look at the philosophy, set up, and on another site, reviews from users. Never looked at price. Next day had another conversation about it and did more research. Looked at other curriculums, subjects, etc. I ended up ordering this one curriculum at 1/2 price and it was already about 1/3 of what I am using. The Lord is taking care of our school budget in such a neat way and we were able to shift numbers so that our budget meets our need and some wants. So I can say and know, yet again, Isn't God good? He has never not taken care of our needs.

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