Monday, January 29, 2007

I was tagged by Poppy so here are my five little known facts about me

1. I have been nude in a bank. Ok, so I was two years old at the time and stripped AT the bank while my mom was banking. I think most of who comes on here will not be surprised by that and probably expected something like that but I doubt many knew about it.

2. Deep down I am very emotional. I do not show my emotions to people and I HATE to cry, even when I'm alone. But I am very aware of them and do my best not to be controlled by them

3. My two life dreams that I am sure will never come true but I still would love to do them are: taking a year to backpack through Europe and taking a year and living out of my car and just traveling to where ever the wind blows.

4. I fully believe I am a flake at heart. Responsibility tends to win when the two are at odds but if my family didn't keep me grounded I would take living by the seat of my pants to the level of stupidity, daily.

5. I don't care for Little Debbie products. I may grab one every couple weeks when I just need chocolate but if there is ANYTHING else I will choose that instead.

Now I think everyone that I know that has a blog it leaves me nobody to tag. So I'll throw out this...What is five things on your to do list before you die? I will start by asking JoGirl and Dahls

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Poppy said...

Ha ha!! Great blog! You were nude in a bank when you were two!?! I was expecting that it would've been when you were older! Hee, hee.