Thursday, January 18, 2007

The kids have witnessed sleepwalking today. Rara has been pretty sick. High fever, sore throat. Not strep (at least that is what the rapid test said). J-Bell rented Spy Kids 3-D which takes place inside a video game. The kids have watched it a couple times and then Rara took a nap today. As I'm in the basement doing laundry I hear her start to cry. By the time I get up stairs the rest of the kids have a freaked out look on their face and Rara's just standing there. I ask Rara what she wants and she lets me know she wants everyone to come in the video game with her. It will be more fun! As this is not my first go round with this type of thing I lay her back down and ask if she wants to pray. That takes care of it. For some reason that always seems to snap them awake (?) so then I have to explain to the rest of the group. AHHHH! Paradise!

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