Friday, December 21, 2007


For years, I have admired those I know who scrapbook. Their pages are beautiful, with love, thought, and energy poured into each layout they have created. I have actually shown up to crops just to watch those with the talent, and willingness to lovingly create a keepsake for themselves and their children work. I would think to myself....

Good for them!

Oh, did you think that I actually wanted to join them? Ha! Silly, silly person. If you thought that you don't know me well enough.

Yes, the pages are beautiful. Yes, they are creating a treasure with their own hands.

But everything is, what's the word?

Picture perfect.

That just aint me.

I would love to say that I have my house beautifully decorated, ready for company at a moments notice. I would also love to say that I have faithfully recorded the important things that have happened in their lives for them to go back and reminisce.

Yeah, they'll have to read my blog for that. Most big things make it to the blog at least.

But last weekend we had Knight's extended family Christmas get together. Everyone was able to make it. Knights Grandma and Grandpa are still around to bless us with their love and we are so glad that our kids have been able to get to know most of their great grandparents. I had decided that I wanted to get prints of some of the pictures that were taken. They had taken a shot with everyone, and then each of grandma and grandpas' boys' families as they are in 2007. Then I decided that I should try to put them in a nice book.
As I was looking at photo albums and scrapbooks today at the store, I came across a digital scrapbook set. Remembering that I had purchased Photoshop Elements this fall, but never took the time to figure it out, I sat down on the computer today and figure it out.
And I did. Yeah me!
So here is my first real attempt at digiscraping. I think maybe this type of scrapbooking I can handle.


Mommy said...

Yay for you De! I am very much like you about scrapbooking--never really desired to do it. And I am VERY bad at recording all those big things in life. But I think digital scrapbooking is something I might enjoy, too! Hope you've found a hobby that's a keeper for you.

Leeann said...

Even if you "cheat" with the're still scrappin! :) (says the lady that is currently 3 1/2 years behind in her scrapbooking)

Toni said...

I'm a speed scrapbooker so my pages don't look like HGTV. Btw, I don't even LIKE those fancy-spancy scrapbook pages. I REALLY don't like a 12x12 page with just one phot on it (digital scapbooking being the exception). I don't like it because 1) the photo is often lost in the "artsy" of it, and 2) do you know how much flippin' space is wasted that way? Picture our "back in the day" photo albums with just ONE picture on the page. Nope, not gonna do it.

I just can't get into digital. I need to be able to physically handle touch my albums. I sooo wish I could get into the digital as it would (eventually) be faster and easier to store (and thus why I think single photos in digital are just fine). Just can't. Sigh.

As The World Scraps said...

awesome digi - but don't you just want to get your hands messy? Come play with me, beg beg