Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I hope will happen in 2008 (no matter how far-fetched they really are)

1. Get down to a good "hundred and plenty" number on the scale instead of the REALLY good hundred and plenty I am now.

2. Be better at keeping house

3. Be better at our school schedule

4. Be kinder to everyone

5. Give to others more often

6. Take more energy keeping and developing friendships

7. Play more with my kids

8. Say "yes" more often

9. Eat less cr*p and more healthful

10. Be more faithful in what I start

11. Be more transparent (yeah right!! I'm SO funny!)

12. Look on the positive side more often

13. Be at peace no matter the circumstances


Leeann said...

These are WONDERFUL things to work on. I'll do it too.

you go first.

Keri said...

Umm.....hello!?!? Come visit Keri in Texas?!?!? Shouldn't that be right up there with being more transparent? ;)