Friday, February 01, 2008

Adventures in Vacuuming

I have the perfect children.

What? I haven't mentioned that before?!?!?

Well, I do.

Last night I headed out to have dinner with my sister. I drove down, and before we could leave we had to wait for our dad to fix her computer. Then we were all sitting around visiting when my phone rings.

That ring. That means the kids are calling.

And then I am greeted by this story:

The pellet stove went out. It is fine as it needs to be cleaned out anyway but I had figured the kids would just fill it again while I was gone.

Nope. My perfect, wonderful, sweet, helpful children decided that it does need to be cleaned out and they would take care of that for us.

Awww! How sweet!

They waited for the fan to quit blowing, signaling that it is ok to clean the stove out. That is what we've done. The only step they have apparently missed by watching us is when we check and make sure there are no hot coals.

Yeah, you see where this is going don't you?

So they start vacuuming the ash...and start to notice that the vacuum is starting to shoot sparks. They don't want to reach their hand near the area of the sparks so they unplug it. (Thankfully)

They take off the cover and notice that the filter bag is on fire. A couple of glasses of water poured on the vacuum and it is no longer burning. (See why I'm thankful they unplugged it?)

Then I get the phone call.

J-Bell is crying. Scared. Freaked out.

She says she is so sorry but she thinks she's ruined the vacuum and tells me the story.

At this time I knew no one was hurt and the house is not on fire.

I calmly tell them to put the vacuum on the front porch and that their dad will be home soon. (He had actually gotten home and was finishing his work in his truck). I can't quit laughing, but I'm trying my best not to let her know it.

To top it all off, I made the comment to those sitting in the living room at my sisters that it looks that I'm going to need to go buy a vacuum. My dad starts telling me what consumer reports just said about vacuums and recommended a high rated vacuum (Kenmore) that is the best value for it's money. It's about $300.

No offense Kenmore, but no thanks. I'm not about to spend $300 on something that my kids set fire to the last one. I paid $15 for this one at a garage sale. It lasted a year and a half and went out in style.

Lesson learned with no one getting hurt. It's paradise!


KarenW said...

So glad no one was hurt! That must have been frightening for the kids.

Amy said...

I am thankful no one was hurt, but I must admit I have been laughing through this post. I know, shame on me, but it just sounds exactly like my kids. It wasn't the vacuum though, it was a toaster oven and some new tupperware that got ruined. But I'll spare you the details! You're welcome ;o)

Leeann said...

Poor vacuum. Lucky (SMART) kids!