Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wisdom and humor of a 9 year old

My baby girl turned 9 yesterday. Yes, I still have my boy who's younger, but Rara is my baby girl. She is the same height, weighs less, but now has such a big number attached to her. I'm amazed that she can be that old.

The thing with Rara is that she is so funny. All my kids are funny and sarcastic. I think it has something to do with their dad since I am NEVER sarcastic...or something like that.

Today Rara wanted to spend her birthday money. She knew what she wanted and since she saw both of my parents last night, she had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. She wanted new animals from the build-a-bear type thing in our town.

I had to drop something off at the accountant, so she rode with me and then we headed up to get her new friends. We sang with the radio, picked out the names she wanted, and then she talked, and sang, and made noises, and kept her mouth going...and going...and going.

It never stopped.

So I asked her if she knew who she was reminding me of. Then I let her know that my family always said that I never stopped talking, and singing, and making noise. (I am now understanding what my family was talking about)

So she came back with...

"Did you cry yourself to sleep everynight and then snored? That's the only way you can always make noise"

Yeah, she's definately a product of me. Poor thing.


KarenW said...

How cute! My 9 year old is always making me laugh too. In fact, all three of my kids do. It's good that they have such a good sense of humor.

Kim said...

That is awesome! She would get along well with my kids.

Kim @ TheBitterBall