Monday, February 18, 2008

The invisible fence

I have had a rough time with having Allie a part of our family. This dog loves to run off. If she got any little crack to go through she would take off and run. This would leave us trying to catch her. She knows our car and will run from that, food is no incentive, and she learned that strangers would normally grab her for us. That left us with trying to chase her into a fenced area, trapping her. And that could take an hour. Sometimes more. Given that the kids are normally the ones to tie her out, we were doing this 3-4 days a week.

This is not something I love to do. Especially when it is -180 degrees with a windchill of -500. Yeah, it's been a cold winter up here in Wisconsin.

Knight wanted to keep the dog. Wouldn't you if you never had to deal with the running...or chewing...or whatever? Even the kids were getting ready to get rid of her. But being the submissive wife ok, trying not to start a war, I was trying to wait until the snow melts to get an invisible fence. But this was going to be a long wait. And it seemed longer each time she ran off.

I was at spanish class talking to one of the other moms telling her that I can't wait until the snow melts so I can get an invisible fence. I know this mom had dogs using an invisible fence. Her dogs don't ever leave the area. That is when she told me that the kind they have you don't have to bury wires.

Did you know there was such a thing????

I didn't. So I seriously went from spanish class to Menards to pick one of these babies up. It took a little while to figure out where in my house to put it and how big of a circle I could get without getting into the road or the neighbors yard. I put the flags up so she could see her circle. Then it was time to get the dog.

She hit that fence and recoiled. It worked. She didn't know what hit her but she knew she didn't like it. I showed her around the yard and let her know where her boundaries were. Then we went in the house.

The next day I just let her outside. By this time I think she forgot all about it, because she bounded out of the house with all her freedom, ready to run. And she did run. Right through the fence. But she did turn right around. It was beeping at her and she was so afraid to move that she wouldn't go anywhere.

Knight walked up to her and brought her back.

She was afraid to go out for a couple days. She still is getting comfortable with it, but she now has more freedom, more excercise, and I'm not dealing with the village law enforcement.

I love this thing!!

Now we just need to get her spayed, stop chewing everything, and keep her out of the areas of the house we don't want her in and maybe I'll be able to tolerate her better.


Leeann said...

Do they make these in the "three-year-old girl" version?

KarenW said...

Oh the joy of pets! I'm glad you are finding a doable solution.

Tammy said...

That my friend is why I'm a cat person. So glad you've found a solution though. When the dog is running off, it's hard to have a joyful, peaceful spirit. I know. Our dog used to run off for the slimy green lakes down the road from us. Of course the only way to get her home was to load her in the back of the Jeep. P. U.

Rach said...

I have never heard of the invisible fence before! Thanks for the education. My dad had a dog that constantly barked and finally put a shock collar on it. Felt bad about that but it worked and the neighbors liked us better after that...and we got more sleep!

Jo Girl said...

I wish I would have known about that when we had Pongo. It sure would have saved us a lot.