Monday, October 16, 2006

Somedays I get the notion that living like they do on Frontier House is probably not as bad as they make it out to be. (For all of you saying "WHAT!?! Your idea of camping is pitching a tent in the backyard for the kids and you sleeping with your bedroom window open to hear them!", Yes, I have actually thought that frontier living looked fun) You know, the men do the hunting while we do the gathering. So Knight goes out and drags home Bambi (ok, actually Bambi was offered to us by Elmo's mom, skinned, de-boned, and frozen and I went and got it) We let it thaw for a day and then since Knight was off hunting again I ended up cutting up this carcass and grinding it into hamburger on my kitchen table with the music playing, the furnace on, had an electric meat grinder (thanks JoGirl!) I'm sitting there thinking "wow, this takes a long time. I wonder how much it costs to have the deer processed". Ok, I guess I will have to admit that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be cut out for the frontier.

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