Monday, October 02, 2006

Sometimes I see things that touch me and I just feel like sharing. There is a wonderful couple that are newer members of our church that have 2 boys and the younger one has cerebral palsy. Micah is a sweet boy but he doesn't talk much, walk, etc. There is a small group of us that take turns sitting with him in class so his parents can enjoy the church service. I have had Micah in my class during vbs, childrens church, etc and the kids knew who he was and didn't say much but never seemed to get too close. Yesterday I was in class with him and the kids were playing a game where they pick a kid to join them in the middle of the circle. Not only did the kids pick him without being told (twice!), they held his hand, and just included him. It's nice to see the kids getting comfortable with him.

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