Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thankful Thursday
This week has been a week full of blessings
1. I am thankful for the people willing to open their hearts and lives to encourage and steer someone cl0ser to Christ. Someone stopped, talked to, and prayed with Knight this week and it really encouraged him during a rough morning.

2. Silly games. Whether it's just goofing off with the kids or try to get someone else wondering "wha..? How..? Huh???" makes me just smile.

3. Health. There has been a variety of sickness in our house and it really makes me thankful for healthy days with no one sick.

4. Butchers. After cutting up an animal this week it makes me thankful that someone else is willing to do that full time as an ocupation so I don't have to every time I want some meat. It gave me a new appreciation of that career choice.

5. That I'm NOT M right now. I wish here well with her little man coming soon but I remember those days well and I don't envy her. But I am praying for her!!

There is so much to be thankful for. I am so blessed.

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