Friday, January 18, 2008

2 things...

I saw this on Karen's blog and since my kids are not allowed on electronics because they destroyed the house yet again I thought I would use it. Thanks Karen!

2 things you like: laughter and music
2 things you hate: chaos and filth
2 things you want right now: tiki hut and sand
2 things you want in life: peace and joy
2 things you are doing right now: blogging and munching on gummy bears
2 things you'd rather be doing: flying to the tropics and sitting in a clean house
2 things you hear right now: radio and kids
2 things you smell right now: gummy bears and puppies
2 things that are right in front of you: computer monitor and J-Bells hand stealing gummy bears
2 things that are behind you: books and a window
2 things that make you happy: great humor and kids belly laughing
2 things that make you sad: ignorance and loneliness
2 things you think will happen tomorrow:company coming and cold weather
2 things you know will happen tomorrow: someone will be born and someone will die.
2 people you will tag: anyone and everyone


KarenW said...

Thanks for playing along! Have a great week.

yours truly B said...

I like this I think I will use it on my blog