Saturday, January 12, 2008

And then there were 3

Desti's puppy, Gracie, went home last night. A couple weeks before Christmas we received a phone call asking about the puppies and they eventually decided to claim the female puppy. It was a very long wait for Ms. Emma who had been wanting a puppy (she is the girl in the pink outfit at the bottom left)

The family came up last night to take her home. Emma seemed very happy with her puppy and although it is sorta sad to see her go, we still have 3 puppies that wake us up early, make messes, and are not quite potty trained. And I have a feeling Gracie will be spoiled. They even brought her a coat so she wouldn't get too cold outside.
The neatest thing about this, is that they are from Knights home town, and have offered to let us come see her. Desti and Emma have talked about being email pals, and Emma has agreed to send pictures so we can watch Gracie grow up.
One down 3 to go.

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