Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fresh Starts

As the new year has started, there is a feeling of a fresh start here at home. We went back to our schedule today...school, work, chores. You know, life.

Are you thinking "Why start a new year off working?"

Are you kidding?

Knight has been barely working since the 23rd. We have had nearly 10 days off schedule. Church services have been limited since they have canceled Sunday evening and Wednesday services.

I feel as if I have been floating aimlessly.

Not a good feeling for me.

So today, J-bell looks at me and says "I can't remember where we are supposed to be in math."

I tell her to look at where she left off.

She then informs me that she has not been keeping up with my schedule.

Then I look at Desti's. She's behind too.

Same with Rara.

J-bird is the only one caught up.

So for now, we are buckling down, getting caught up on school and chores. Therefore, I am shutting off the house phone. Cell is on for emergencies. Call if you must. I am happy to be there for you in an emergency. Otherwise, please give us a week.

On another note, did you notice the change in the sidebar?

I now have all the family able to contribute to the blog. I am hoping to get the kids writing more, and Knight at times has something to share. If it doesn't "sound" like me talking, take note of who the post is by.

Happy 2008. Here's to another fresh start

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MondaythroughSunday said...

Happy New Year!