Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Update

So you know my commitment about blogging more, therefore keeping my mother from wondering if we are alive or dead? Oh, you can't tell I've made that commitment? Maybe that's because I am horrible at following through when the weather outside is anything but frightful. (and for those wondering... Yes, my mother keeps up with my life here rather than the phone. Why? Because neither one of us are horribly great at calling anyone, let alone each other!)

Ok, update time...

Strawberry season was late this year. We were able to head out to pick 4 times throughout the season and have lots of strawberries and strawberry jam in our freezer. Expensive, but I'm hoping that it will last until next summer. The kids were excited the first time we went out but quickly remembered that it isn't as fun as they think. We only do a basket a person each time we go so it is not so long picking and I have time to get them in the freezer.

We also had a family reunion of sorts. Knights side all got together at the farm and spent the day enjoying each others company. The family doesn't get together much as a group anymore and it was nice to see everyone. The kids were able to go on a hay ride. J-Bird loves playing with all the boys in the family. Most of them are around his age so he is in heaven not having to hang out with girls. J-Bell and Desti also have girls there own age so they were off exploring the farm on their own.

We also took the kids camping for the first time. We cheated slightly and borrowed my moms "cabin" (a camper set up at a resort). The kids wanted to tent it, so we brought the tent and let them sleep there, while we had the bed. They had a good time and they loved taking the kayaks out to the middle of the lake and jumping off. That was the plan to avoid the leeches (it worked).

I am aiming to start school in a couple weeks so then I will be back on schedule and hopefully blogging more regularly. Between times of cleaning, going to the pool, and kayaking I have been preparing for that.

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