Thursday, July 31, 2008

The newest sports fan

Just hours after blogging about nothing the kids let me know that we have a new Packer fan/golfer in our family. They were having a great time, and believe it or not, so was Allie.

Strange kids... even stranger dog. With that said, we learned that Allie loves to go fishing, almost as much as my mom's dog. She liked being on the dock watching them cast and loved it when they caught a fish!


Amy said...

Not sure what I find weirder...your dog playing golf or my chubby bulldog twirling like a ballerina! Oh yes she does. She'll embarrass her self any time, any way for a treat. LOL! But then again, so would I!

Rach said...

You guys catch fish? Oh man, sign me up for lessons will you? I never catch anything I can keep!!