Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lessons from a 9 year old

Knight took Rara to work the other day. She doesn't have much exposure on the route yet, but J-Bell was gone and Desti was sick. That only leaves 3 choices: go alone, take Rara, or take J-Bird. J-Bird has long since proven that he is too young yet. Plus Rara loves to go.

So Knight is supposedly having a bad day, except it is really hard to have a bad day when you are with someone so happy and full of life. He shared some of what he learned having her around:

  • It is nearly impossible to walk from the truck to an account. It is much preferred to hop, skip, run, or use another mode other than walking
  • There is a difference between skipping and Wizard of Oz skipping. Wizard of Oz skipping is where you go twice on one foot, then twice on the other. Rara was more than happy to share this information with workers and managers alike.
  • When someone compliments you on your beautiful hair, it is cuter and funnier to tilt your head and repeatedly bat your eyes at them instead of saying "thank you"

We always say that with Rara the glass isn't half full, it's overflowing.


Rach said...

She is such a sweet pea!

Leeann said...

She sounds pretty smart to me!:)