Monday, July 14, 2008


I know I need to get more committed about posting. Not because I have so many interested readers who are waiting for some witty comment out of my mouth. Those people who came for that gave up a LONG time ago. I just have this need for a creative outlet, and since most of mine are geared for the 9 long winter months we have up in these here parts, I haven't had any outlet for my creative genius (ok, not so genius, but, whatever!)

So here's the update of our lives...

My two youngest were baptized on the 6th. Pastor was suddenly nervous about baptizing J-Bird when, while they were in the changing room before going to the baptistry he asked Pastor if he could do a cannonball into it. Rara went first and when J-Bird came out he had a strict warning that no cannonballs were needed. Picky picky!

We had some blue jay parents ready to be empty nesters and kicked those babies out or the nest. We had what I think was two different babies land at different times on our slip n slide and sit there for a long time, one for most of the day. We went to bed and it was still there. We are hoping that it flew away instead of becoming lunch for a neighborhood cat. I wouldn't let the kids touch it, but they enjoyed being as close as they could to it.

Other than that, if you are looking for us, you can find us at the pool, or on the river kayaking. Speaking of which, I need to get ready. We are heading out again today, this time a new river. Hopefully I'll be able to get some great pictures to share. Anyone up to going out with me???


Rach said...

A cannon ball in the baptistry would have been quite entertaining! How very J-Bird! I'm so proud of both of them. :)

The baby bird is soooo cute! I've never seen one quite so fuzzy.

If I were already in town, buddy, I'd go out on the river with you. You could kayak and I'd... uh... wobble!

Amy said...

We've had a lot in common over the weekend, De. We had a baptism at church last night for one of my best friend's two boys. I always cry when someone gets baptized.

And then when we got home last night their was a big, fat, fuzzy robin on top of my daughter's newly washed car. It just wouldn't fly away. We were worried it was hurt, but nope. So we stood and talked to it for a long time. It almost seemed like it knew what we were saying. and I am sure it was thinking - these people are crazy! And then it pooped and flew away..LOL!! My daughter is one of those girly girls that can't stand to get dirty, blah, blah, blah. So yeah, it was funny!!

melody is slurping life said...

How wonderful that they were both baptized. And how wonderfully fun would a cannonball have been. :)

Ahhh, she looks so precious watching over the baby bird.

Hope you are enjoying the river...of course, you are.