Thursday, October 30, 2008

B-day/christmas list

Great! Now grandma is giving me assignments. When will school end!?!?!? Well I guess this one is fun so, grandma gave me the assignment to send her my b-day wish or put it on the blog. So every one knows I'm putting it on the blog. A lot of this stuff I'm not going to get I'm positive about that. I'll get started.

1. Laptop computer. ( I don't think I'm going to get it though.)

2. Cellphone. (If I do get this I won't be able to call anyone. Why cant my mom just let me?!)

3. C.D player ( The one aunt Michelle gave me when I was 10 went bye bye )

4. The 39 Clues cards. (We have the book but need more cards )

5. I-pod.

6. Digital Camera

7. Football Cards. ( Got to beat J-Bird. )

I got my stuff down. Other than that, money will work too.

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