Monday, November 03, 2008

what to pray for

I find myself struggling what to talk to God about. I must admit I think about if the Democrats get into power in all 3 branches of government all of the freedoms I will loose and will it get as bad as Germany in the 1930s except instead of Jews it will be Christians. Christianity seems to be the only religion that is slammed and people don't care. It makes me want to pray for God to judge this nation and show us why we should fear him.

During the last two months I have argued abortion, I have argued having a good work ethic instead of having the government provide everything for you, I have argued for traditional families. I have tried to argue what I think Jesus would want, the more I talk to people the more I see how easy it was for people to spit on him and beat him and nail him to a tree. People want sin plain and simple.

Thank God for my wonderful wife who reminds me that God is in control and he puts in leaders and takes down leaders. I hope he doesn't give us what we deserve.

I talked with my Grandpa over the weekend who has never told me who he votes for, but he did say vote for whoever makes the least amount of promises. I asked him about the great depression because people say we are almost in one. He said this is nothing compared to that, people are just saying that to get votes.

I just wish that people who claim a relationship with God, would vote on the issues that are in line with the bible. I don't see how anyone can vote for a pro choice candidate and claim to follow God.

God, Teach me what to pray for.

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Anonymous said...

Pray for the happiness and health of your family. Pray to live up to the greatest line in the bible... "thou shalt not judge..." Pray that you can be forgiven for your own prejudices of people you don't even know and just judge them based on what others say (who don't know them personally either). Just be good to your family, work hard to rid yourself of the anger so evident when you speak to others with differing opinions. It's off-putting and will never help anyone see your own views. Jesus embraced everyone, not just those who agreed exactly with his own views. THAT'S the true Christianity, to love and help...not to judge and condemn if people don't agree with you.