Thursday, November 06, 2008

from knight

I am struggling with what I am teaching my kids, I was teaching them the value of hard work to get ahead of life. But with the new government that is going to punish hard work I'm wondering if I should teach them to work less and fish more. I am even wondering if I will want to cut back. I was told in order for the president to pay for his promises he will have to increase taxes on everyone making 42,000 a year or more, if I would drop a town or two on my route I would get under that and could fish more.

On my route their was a wife whose husband is trying to get her to move to Chili. Another woman said she feels like she just waisted 4 years of her life( she is going to graduate from collage soon) and why is she trying to get ahead when she will be punished for it. Another person is looking at moving to Costa Rica. I hope this new government isn't going to be about rewarding the lazy.

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