Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paradise update

How bad is this. It's been nearly a week from my last post. It's not that I haven't been in Blogittyville. I have. It's just that I haven't brought myself to the point of posting.

So, Allie still has not had her puppies. Ok, I don't know if I posted that she was pregnant when we took her in. We knew she was pregnant. Yes, we are that stupid. Anyhoo, we have been on puppy watch since Saturday. That is when the signs appeared that it could be anytime. She REALLY bagged up, there is discharge (yuck), her energy level has dropped, and her food consumption has decreased. And yet no puppies. They are kicking up a storm inside, but apparently they are not done with their little womb party yet.

In other news I spent the weekend after thanksgiving trying to get most of my Christmas shopping done. I did finish the extended family on both sides, and most of the kid gifts. I had a little extra shopping to do this year and nearly got that finished up too. I have some more shopping to do, but not much. At least that part is done.

The kids put up the tree already. I had told them that we were not going to put up the tree this year since I couldn't figure out where to put it. With the new pellet stove, there is really not that much room on the main floor, and I am too lazy to take the time to put it up so no one will see it. So, Knight told the kids if they really wanted it, they could do it themselves in the basement. And they did. The tree looks great. They put it in the middle of the room so they can dance around it, something they have wanted to do for years.

That's all the news in our corner of the world. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did.


Amy said...

Puppies - joy! (sarcastically!!)

I'm not in a Christmas mood yet. Too much emphasis put on the world and it annoys me. How about you?

Other than that I am pretty jolly! LOL!!!

Leeann said...

Puppies? Wow! You took in more than just one little one, huh? Yikes. Of course, we'll need some pictures of the darlings when they arrive! :)