Friday, November 02, 2007

Wrapped Emotions Extended Version...

So, I quickly finished the table good enough to post about it and actually had another layer of polyurethane stuff (the really thick stuff) to put on it but I figured it was close enough to being done. I had put the first layer of poly on it but the next layer I wanted to get right to the edges but unsure on how to do it, I put it off. I finally figured out a way that I thought it would work. didn't work the way I had hoped. I had found an edging that wrapped around the corners well and I tightly put it on the table and poured the poly on. Not only did it not stay in the edging, but it started pouring onto the floor. P-O-U-R-I-N-G. Me, not being so prepared for this did not have something on my floors. So quickly I grabbed some old newspaper, lay it on the floor all around the table and kept working. Yeah, so it all poured onto the newspaper, but the edging did hold it long enough for it to get a decent layer around the edge of the table. I walked away for a while just so it could have a chance to set a little. When I came back, I realized that it was coming off of the newspaper.
Not that I really care about the carpet. We plan on redoing it eventually anyway, but I don't really need a whole lot of poly all over my kitchen floor. Yeah, you read that right. The previous owners carpeted the kitchen. Grrr!
So, after the table stopped dripping, I cleared the newspaper while keeping the table in place so it could completely dry. I waited, and waited, and waited. I realize now I must not have mixed the poly well enough since it is still sticky almost 2 weeks later.
The adventure doesn't end there. Oh, no it doesn't.
I put this table near a door we rarely use. But because my kids cooked bacon on a pizza stone (one with no sides) I had bacon grease in the bottom of my stove. So now it's time to clean the stove.
No, not with stove cleaner. Are you crazy? Just my automatic oven cleaning thing. You know, the one that just starts the whole thing on fire until everything becomes ash? Yeah, I'm that lazy.
Well, you have never seen a stove smoke like when there is a layer of bacon grease in the bottom of it. Smoke everywhere. Choking, eyes burning, everything. So I opened the kitchen windows, the front door, and then went to open the door in the kitchen just to help get the air moving. That means moving the table.
The table is now heavy. But this extra layer of poly seemed to make it extra heavy. Or I'm becoming a wimp. Then I realize I have polyed the table to the carpet. And it aint coming up. No siree. I try a couple times. Nope. Nothing.
Last night, Knight and the kids moved the table. The pulled, ripped, and cut. Finally the table is free. It has a couple battle scars. There is carpet attached to the bottom of one leg, and a hole in my carpet where my table had been.

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Sorry, I just can't stop laughing! I am SO sorry!