Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The sweetest man

The other night Knight and I were talking about blogging. He had mentioned that he wouldn't mind having his own blog, but he wouldn't post as much. I then told him about the different types of blogs. We were talking about what would suit him better, what he would enjoy writing, what he has to say, etc.

He then informed me that he would be happy to set up a blog.

As long as he could sit on the couch and I would bring him the laptop.

Excuse me?!?!

And then he let me know he was only thinking of me.

He is trying to help me get rewards in heaven and therefore giving me an opportunity to serve.

AWWW! What a sweet man. He is always thinking of others.

*for those who don't know us, this was said in a joking manner. He really isn't a j*rk.*

1 comment:

Leeann said...

LOL. Funny man. Sounds like mine! :)