Thursday, November 01, 2007


Ok, bad blogger that I have been, there has been reason. And I will tell you since I need every excuse for why I haven't dragged my fingers to the keyboard and got to posting. First, since the kids are technically public school students via virtual school we are subject to the state standardized testing. Four days of testing, a couple hours each day, and limited time to get it done has taken some of the days. Being a moron who decides to sew costumes a week before Halloween means being busier than normal at home. Add to that our normal schedule of AWANA, church, band, having company over, and school it makes for busy weeks.

Halloween was fun. We had some other kids over to help hand out treats and for Korean food. The kids were SO excited. I can't tell you how many times we heard "trick or treaters coming!" screamed in excited kid voices. It was so fun to try to guess what all the costumes were. It's funny, so many people act like they think we are so mean for not letting our kids trick or treat, but they don't see how much fun our kids still have without it. I made all the kids Indian costumes since they can wear them on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and "Pilgrim and Indian night" at church. (yes, I make my kids wear the same ones more than once!) Rara was given a feather boa by Knight so she can be a high society Indian. As the quiet one in our family he felt that she is sometimes not given as much attention as due her, so he thought he'd treat her by making her costume different. Such a sweet thought!
Off to get some stuff done. It is office day, school, and a class on watercolor painting.
No rest for the weary!!!

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Leeann said...

What great costumes!