Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend update...

This last weekend was a busy one. Knight took J-Bell to her first concert. This was her birthday gift. She was able to see Monk & Neagle, Aaron Shust, and Mercy Me. She was able to bring one of her friends and they had a great time. Listening to all three of them talk, they really were entertained, but what I found interesting is that they all preferred Monk and Neagle or Aaron Shust, even though Mercy Me was the headliner.

Sunday we were able to see almost all of Knights side of the family at a birthday party for Grandma. It was amazing how the family has changed in the last 13 years I have been a part of it. We used to see most of them at least a couple times a year. Aunts, uncles, cousins. We knew the whole family. When we walked in on Sunday I had to explain who is who to J-Bell. My kids were walking up to some of the other kids there and asking questions like "Are you Andie?" These are people that they spent a lot of time with in their young life, but in the last maybe 4 years the family has really sort of split up, as far as we are concerned. I know that the ones who live in town seem to see each other often, but since we are up in our corner of the world, we really have lost a lot of contact with everyone. It's really sad, and I hope that we can change that.

In all honesty, I feel bad for Knight. He grew up with all his family around. His cousins were like brothers to him. He stayed with his grandparents a lot. It was a very close family. I didn't have that. If my cousins passed me on the street, I would not recognize them with the exception of the 4 that Knight was close to. I seriously don't have a desire for family outside of my parents, sisters (and their families) and grandparents. That is plenty of family for me. But Knight...he misses how the family used to be. And it makes him sad to see what it has become.

Oh well, guess that's life.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Knight should take the initiative to spend time with his family if he feels they have grown apart. With your comments in the last paragraph it looks like you don't care to spend time with anyone other than your own immediate family.

De said...

Anonymous-As I reread what I wrote, I could see where you could get the impression that I don't care to spend time with anyone but "my" family. The point I was trying to make is that I don't and have never had a connection to my aunts, uncles and cousins the way he has. That is what I meant when I said that parents, grandparents, and sisters were enough for me. It was not a reflection on Knights family at all I honestly couldn't see it being taken that way until your comment, so thank you for pointing that out to me. As for Knight taking the initiative...I agree. Totally. But there are reasons he doesn't and I can't push him to do that anymore either. Much to private to go into on a blog. Thanks for your insight!