Monday, October 15, 2007

I am SO not qualified for this

I have four completely different children. Different personalities, different temperments, different learning styles, just different. Personally, I think they look completely different too. Yet, others have asked if they I have twins, they confuse my kids and can't tell them apart.

J-Bell is my take charge, controlling, little mother. She is generally happy, learns easily, ultra responsible and bossy. She is not a naturally clean person, but is naturally obedient. She tries her best to learn so she can do it for herself. In fact, if she could drive, she could probably run the L.D. route on certain days. She comes at the world with a very analitical point of view.

Desti is my emotionally driven child. She is very in tune with others and can make almost any little kids feel comfortable around her. She is very giving, thinking about how to serve others. She has a little tougher time book learning in a conventional way, but don't discount her smarts. If there is a way around a problem, she will find it. She tends to see things in black and white. She is normally the first one to point out if something is not "right" and has actually asked me if Knight would approve of a song that I was listening to.

Rara is a little quieter. Not wanting to upset others, she tries not to argue or say negative. She lives in her own world and loves to play with others, but can be just as happy playing with herself. She is a very hands on learner, and is best taught with experiments. She loves to cuddle and be held but she is discusted by germs. She doesn't like kisses or nakedness. When she gets married she plans on sealing her wedding vows with a handshake (she is dead serious about that!)

J-Bird is my boy. Football, tennis, action, hands on, he sometimes has a hard time controlling his anger and is the only child yet to tell me they hate me. He doesn't like to be the youngest child. At times he feels like he can do nothing right, since he is constantly told how to do everything. I am still learning his learning style, but so far it seems very hands on too.

The Lord has given this challenge to me. To look at them, at their differences, at the challenges I see coming, I feel so underqualified. I truly don't know why the Lord felt like I was the best person to bring them up. I know that there is no way I can do it on my own. And I take no credit for how great each of them are. That is totally GRACE.


Leeann said...

Read all the wonderful things you had to say about them. Obviously you are doing something right and the Lord knew that you were the person to raise them.

KarenW said...

Your kids sound awesome! Give them a great big hug. I worked today with kids who are simply horrible. There's no other way to put it. All I could think of was how blessed I am to have 3 wonderful, loving kids. I am blessed.