Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Google searches that brought someone to my blog....yeah, really. I don't get some of these ones either, but oh well. If you click on the phrase, it will bring you to the post it brought them to.

1. "living in Wisconsin not fun"

2."Akiane Kramarik and home schooling"

3."Little Debbie Distributor"

4."aww shucks"

5."woke up in another reality"

6."Meditation on Trust"

7."Miracle on Main St"

8."Billy Mays"

9."the battle for helms deep"

10. "Menards Fire pits"

11. "blogs on living in Wisconsin"

12. "when I was in my younger teans"

13. "Wisconsin homeschooling"


Leeann said...

People talk about this all the do you know this? I want the secret!

Amy said...

I do love those Little Debbies!