Friday, July 20, 2007

When I was in my younger teens, my sisters and I would watch movies over and over again until we memorized every single word of the movie. The one I remember the most was The Breakfast Club. Now that makes me proud to admit that. Out of all the movies to watch, that is the one I chose. Along with Howard the Duck, Goonies, and most Molly Ringwald movies. Yeah, I was so cool.

I was hoping that this obsessive watching of shows was not going to be passed on to my children. Hey, I am trying hard to make them a whole lot more normal than I am. They started memorizing movies early. But it was ok. VeggieTales, Barbie, Disney. I can live with that.

But they have started a new obsession.
And it's getting worse.
They love to watch and memorize Billy Mays. You know they commercials. Kaboom, Samurai Shark knife sharpener, AwesomeAuger. He sells it all.
Now all the kids have paid attention to commercials. But when driving around you hear "Look, there's Ace...the helpful hardware place" coming from a little voice in the backseat you know that advertisers really know what they are doing.

And tonight Rara and J-Bird were going to watch Flushed Away. We were going to start it when Billy Mays came on. Then I hear, "Wait. I love this one!" along with murmering as they are saying the commercial with Billy.

Does anyone have any kids they want to send over so we can share this wonderful trait with?

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KarenW said...

My kids are always quoting movies. I can hardly carry on a conversation with them without a movie quote coming out of someone's mouth. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes I think about getting rid of the TV. LOL!