Friday, July 06, 2007

Ok...8 random things. Each time this meme gets to me, it gets a little harder. So I decided to write specifically to my blogging buddies since they don't get the pleasure of my personality up close. This will try to help you understand what type of whacked personality writes this. As you are reading this, the "amens" you hear are from those that have to put up with me daily.

1. I am a tad bit sarcastic. Even my kids are constantly asking if I'm serious. I don't enjoy humor that hurts others and I really don't enjoy bathroom type humor, but give me something that makes me laugh and think and I love it. But, on the other hand...I have five fingers. Hee Hee

2. I don't show emotion easily. Forgive me, but I probably will not cry with you. I will not send you sappy cards on how much you mean to me. If something is wrong with me, you probably will not know about it. But if I know about something troubling you, I will help you in any way I can. I will pray for you. I will try to solve it, if at all possible. I care. Y0u just won't get that feeling from me. People will let you know that I am heartless. Only a few that know me, know that I do have a small heart in here somewhere and it does beat every now and then.

3. I don't need daily interaction with people. I could be content living my life on my own, doing my thing. God has given me a wonderful family. I love them a lot. They keep me involved with other people. But I do crave alone time. A lot.

4. I listen to a wide variety of music. I have introduced the kids to Billy Joel, country radio, accapella, praise and worship, and my latest favorite is TobyMac. Some of my kids have complained it's a little too hip hop for them.

5. I would love to get rid of my tv. I watch it, but I think my house would have a much better feel if it didn't have a tv. But I would hate to get rid of my computer.

6. My favorite stores to shop in are book stores, and stores like Office Max. I have never had a need to go into Abercrombie, Old Navy, Christopher Banks, etc. I don't really care about clothes. But books, school supplies, and electronics. That's my passion.

7. I have a picture drawn of the tattoo I wanted to get for my 30th birthday (last year). I didn't want just any tattoo, but just this one. It has 3 vines coming out of a rock. 4 butterflies on/around it. The 3 vines are Me, Knight, and God. The butterflies had patterns in their wings with my kids' initials. The rock, Christ. It was going to be down my spine (the full length), where no one could see it. Knight HATES tattoos, therefore it's still a picture on my wall.

8. I dream. All the time. I never wake refreshed because of the lives I live when I'm asleep. I have learned to control my dreams at times, to make the outcome what I want it to be. My most hated dream is when I am dreaming that I'm sleeping and can't wake up. I can't get those around me to understand that I need help. They keep checking on me, but I can't move to let them know that I need them to yell, scream, hit me, something to wake me up. I'm paralyzed until they help. I hate that dream.

There is a peek into my psychosis. Anyone have a therapist they would recommend? Thanks Amy for the tag and the challenge.


Toni said...

Get rid of TV???? That's crazy talk!

Amy said...

LOL! I am so #1. My kids ask the same thing, even after all these years! Thanks for letting me take a peek De! It's nice getting to know people better in Blogville.