Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We have a new loser in our family. J-Bird lost his first tooth yesterday. This tooth has been wiggly. Real wiggly. Yesterday before we left to go to the water park in Knights hometown, this tooth was barely hanging in there. So, he lost it at the water park. Then he dropped it. Not in the water, but I have no idea where this tooth is. Good thing that we don't have the tooth fairy thing to worry about. J-Bell plays the tooth fairy, but since all the kids know it's her, J-bird just asked her if he could borrow one of her left over teeth so she could be the tooth fairy for him. And she has been getting a lot of practice. J-Bell is losing her baby teeth to make room for her 12 year molars, Rara is still loosing baby teeth. So Desti is the only kid I have right now without missing teeth.

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