Saturday, July 28, 2007

We took the kids kayaking on Thursday evening. It was the first time the whole family has done something like that and it was a good time. We didn't go very far because storms were on their way. We stayed close, and just played around with the boats. J-Bird and Rara got to piggyback on others most of the time.

It started with J-Bell and Desti on their own boats, Knight in a tandem with J-Bird, and me and Rara in a bigger boat. We paddled that way for a while.

Then it went to Knight, Rara, and J-Bird in the tandem, Desti in her boat and me and J-Bell switching boats.

Then J-Bird got in with J-Bell.

Then J-Bell wanted to switch back. Desti was getting tired and wanted in the tandem, and Rara went to Desti's boat with the boat tied to my boat while we headed back. We saw some clouds coming in.

We got off the lake, cleaned the boats up a little (very little at this point), loaded them up on the truck and the lady took off. She had seen the radar and knew she needed to get the boats back before the storm.

It started to rain so we headed home.

We left the parking lot, drove south maybe a half mile and decided that we would probably have better luck if we took the northern route home. We were already seeing downed branches to the south.

We turned around, heading north not knowing we were driving right into the storm, until the radio announcer came on and told us where the storm was.

Made for a quiet trip, as the kids were nervous about the weather, but we made it.

And the storm made it an even more memorable trip.

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