Sunday, July 08, 2007

We have finally decided how much time we have for a vacation this year. We have a total of 5 days. We are going the end of September. We have the guy lined up that will do the work of the business. We have even informed the guys I work for that we are going. The only thing that we have left to do is figure out where to go.

Knight hates flying so that is out of the question. I would rather not drive more than 12 hours one way. Knight is thinking about going to Ken Ham's new Creation Museum. I was thinking more on the lines of something like the Badlands. We are running into a lot of touristy things being closed because of it being the end of Sept. I thought about Creation Museum and then on to Mammoth Cave, but that will be closed.

HELP! Need suggestions. I would prefer to show the kids something we can't show them in WI. But any really neat things that would be fun to do, we would love to know about it.


Toni said...

The Creation Museum looks like a lot of fun for all age groups! I have been to the Badlands- good, but I would go to the Creation Museum instead. I haven't really been to that area of the country, so I don't have any more suggestions!

As for the comment you left on my post today- I have the same problem, but had no problem with the cups- and I wasn't in the bathroom every 45 minutes to an hour taking care of things. Worth a try!

Keri said...

My vote would be for the Badlands. Your kids are the perfect ages to go there and I thought they were really cool as a kid (I still do). But the Creation Museum would be neat too. We are going there the beginning of August with Paul's family.