Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Here are thirteen things that have been keeping me busy while the girls are at camp.

1. Meeting Knight for lunch everyday.

2. Making a different chore organizer (won't the girls be thrilled).

3. Printing and copying maps for school in the fall.

4. Washing all the bedding in the house.

5. Getting caught up on laundry.

6. Cleaning the vehicles inside and out.

7. Making flash cards (again for school).

8. Cleaning my bedroom .

9. Deep cleaning the living room.

10. Deep cleaning the classroom.

11. Downloading songs onto my phone.

12. Watching a movie with J-Bird.

13. Helping Knight with his work.

Honestly, I feel as if I'm on total vacation. I have been having really great days. These things are all things that I've been meaning to get done. I do feel that I have been ignoring the outside world, but if you remember, I just don't need that all the time and my true friends are not taking it personally. So, I'm off to do more chores. Ahhhh, Paradise!

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