Friday, July 13, 2007

I pick up the girls tomorrow. I cheated last night and went to the camp. Esther the butterfly (previously known as Esther the caterpillar) made her appearance yesterday and I just couldn't let her free without showing the girls.

J-Bird and I were supposed to go swimming today, but Knight got done with work early (11am!!) and so J decided to go fishing with his dad instead. That boy is just so cute. He wanted so minnows as bait, but Knight had already gone to the bait shop a whole two blocks from our house and bought waxies. Well, J wanted minnows and was willing to pay for them with his own money. So, I agreed to take him over.

He got the minnow bucket from the boat and headed to the car (don't judge me about driving 2 blocks!). As we were driving over I asked him why he wanted minnows. It's because he caught his 14" bass with minnows. We walk in with the minnow bucket and the lady there helped us get the minnows.

Apparently we are supposed to decide on what kind of minnows we want. Kind? Really, they are small fish the boy is going to spear on a hook and throw into a lake. Isn't the kind irrelevant? Seriously, this is the first time I have been to the bait shop.

So she let's us know that the fisherman have been having luck with crappie minnows. Ok, sure. Crappies it is. One scoop is plenty thank you, although he would have liked to have more, but he has limited funds.

So he goes up to the counter. The old men that were shopping and working in the store are having fun talking to my little man in fish talk. They ring up the minnows and then my son gets to entertain them. He pulls out his wallet and pays with his Mastercard gift card. I have loved watching the faces of the cashiers when he has paid for his purchases with it. It's great.

So, off to the lake they went and I went searching for books and a swimsuit. I went to Goodwill, Thrift Dept Store, and the used bookstore in town. Not one of the 80 books I'm looking for. But I did find the entire Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers. My favorite books of all time. I got all 3 books for the low, low price of 12.50. Woohoo!

As I'm swimsuit shopping, I'm noticing all the helpful tags. Slimmer thighs, tummy control, etc. For some reason they think this will help me decide. Yeah right. Do they have anything that will make me look like I have the body of a bikini model without me actually loosing the weight and exercising? Nope. I looked. But I did see one suit that had the tummy control tag on it. I checked the size. Size 8. Yes, I said 8. If you are a size 8 and you think you need tummy control, come a little closer so I can slap some reality into you.

Can you believe it, I didn't find that perfect suit. Maybe next year.

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Keri said...

Yes, but if my 4-year-old was wearing a women's size 8 she might need some tummy control! You are so funny! I love it!