Monday, July 23, 2007

About a month ago, the two older girls were gone and so the two little ones were helping load the Little Debbie truck. Mr C, the other Little Debbie distributor in our area, was loading his truck at the same time. My kids have a lot of fun picking on Mr. C. So when the little ones were there a month ago, they were talking smack. They threatened to bring water balloons the next week. But the next week was when the girls were at camp. When Knight and I showed up we saw a note that told the kids he was bringing his water balloons and to watch out.

We loaded truck late last week and missed him. He wondered where we were. He even called Knight. He knew were were ready for him because we had come prepared and when he wasn't there we cooled off by having a small waterfight with balloons and he had seen the broken balloons in the gravel.

And then he called again today. We didn't show up to load truck while he was there and he was prepared for us. So he left this note. (Notice the drawing) The text reads--

To the little Chickens from _____:

You can run, but you can't hide! I will be back to get you little chickens.

Mr. C

Knight had told him we would be there about 6pm. Mr. C shows up with his wife and youngest daughter (about 13) and there is a lady there taking pictures of the note. Come to find out, it was reported to the landlord. Mr. C explained it was just a water fight. She stuck around to make sure he was telling the truth. Then he asked that she not call the cops. And she informed him that she believed that they had already been called.

Knight shows up with the kids (I stayed home), the lady left, and the water fight starts.

We had bought 3 decent water guns, and water balloons but we also thought ahead. We had brought a 20 gallon tote about half full of water to refill the guns. Those amateur couldn't figure out how they ran out of water so quick but we didn't.

Mr C was soaked. My kids were victorious. Who is the chicken now???

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