Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wrapped Emotions 5

This week let loose...get edgy with your your
spirit...absolutely no fear. We had enough of that
. This prompt is not associated with any tangible or figurative
wrapper. I simply want you to experience the fun of creating. This week we're
working to feel the emotion of JOY. Not necessarily expressing the actual word
or symbolism of joy in your can celebrate shoe polish if you choose.
But enJOY the process. Let's create our own graffiti.

Graffiti artists develop their own styles. They work quickly,
intuitively, randomly and never stop the process to think about what to do next.
You should try anything, everything...collage, paint, stains, spray paint,
markers, colored pencils, markers, stencils, doodling, marks, lines, swirls,
symbols, written words, calligraphy, images (photos, magazine cutouts,
photocopies, sketches), stamps, prints...whatever.

Think of urban graffiti walls. The art is vibrant, multi-layered,
freestyle, textured. Do not over think as you work, and do not think neat,
orderly. Think juxtaposition.

Sorry, I'm not going to explain. I will just let you see what you see. That's the way it is with graffiti


Mandaroo said...

I wish I could see it larger....but I see "DE" and "love" and lots of doodley flowers and hearts, so it has a very cheery and happy feeling to it! So I hope you enjoyed making it. I thought it was a fun challenge. Thanks for sharing yours and thanks for your comments on mine. : )

Kim said...

I agree with Mandaroo that I wish I could see it larger. The importance of these projects is what we get out of it for ourselves as we create them though. Hope you found your joy in the creation.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

EA said...

Okay, I so get your not putting words with your artwork. I had the same impulse. I eeked out a few, but am now seeing, through you, that I could have just put the artwork up and let it speak for itself. Thanks for teaching me.

Nesting Momma said...

I love the swirls over the flowers. Beautiful, free. It's great. Reminds me over motherhood..Chaos and beauty all in one!

~ Melody ~ said...

I'm a blind woman who wishes she could enlarge it. But, I see many symbols of happiness surrounding "De". I think the scribbles over the entire piece indicate a bit of controlled chaos...and you like it. It's part of your fun-loving family.

Anywhere near close? Whatever you expressed is yours and that's what it is all about. Thanks for hanging in there with me. :)

lynnae @ from under the clutter said...

I love your graffiti, and I love the simplicity of your post. No explanation needed. That's perfect. :)

~Melissa~ said...

I don't think it needs an explanation at all! Beautiful :)

Angie said...

Stars, hearts, flowers...these are a few of my favorite things! Good work!