Friday, October 19, 2007

Ever wonder what us homeschoolers do for entertainment?

Lately we have been getting to know a new family. We have been asking the Lord for some new friends for our kids, ones that home school and that are good kids. We also kind of wanted them to be outside of our church.

I know that sounds bad, but we wanted them to broaden their circle a little.

Anyway, in a wonderfully weird way, God brought a great family into our lives. The kids all get along very well, and as a bonus, I really like the mom as well. The Lord knew I needed someone like her. She is so fun, outgoing, and comfortable stopping in and seeing the sty we normally live in when we are not expecting company. What a blessing this family is to our family.

So I was dropping off a cd at this families house yesterday and ended up talking. For hours. Not that the kids minded. They have a great time.

As K and I were sitting in her living room talking, the two boys come in looking for her cat. Not a big deal until they tell us that they have caught a mouse under a bucket and want to feed it to her cat. As we look out, we see that this is something most of the kids are part of. They grab the cat, bring her to the bucket, lift the bucket and run.

This poor mouse has his back legs broken. The cat looks at it for a little, and walks away without killing the mouse. So my kids decide they want to keep it. Not going to happen, people. First, Knight HATES mice. Second, I am not going to go buy a cage, food, and all the accessories for a crippled mouse that will end up dying anyway. I probably would have for a healthy mouse, but then again, a healthy mouse would have been eaten by the cat.

So this is what we homeschoolers do for fun during the week.


toni in the midst said...

ROFLOL! Gotta love the grand plans kids come up with. And congrats on your new friendship, De. I recently met a blogger friend and she's the best.

Leeann said...

I love kids and their grand ideas!