Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday 14?
14 positive things we have seen with homeschooling

1. For the most part, my kids are friends. They do get on each others nerves, but they also care deeply for each other and are involved in each others lives. I see them consider each other a lot more than I see them dismiss each other.

2. They are pretty self motivated with their school work. They go in and tackle it so it does not take all day. I have heard a couple times, "can you get me up at ___ so I can start school early. I want to be done by ____"

3. They have learned to love research. They choose what to learn about each week and are learning how to write reports. The blogs have helped since they want something to blog about. This is only for 1 subject this year but I have seen great progress in their writing, reading, spelling, and love of learning.

4. J-Bell isn't afraid to be who she wants to be. If other kids her age are into things she is not (boys, makeup) she will just go play with the little ones. I have seen her enjoy playing dolls with an 8 year old because the 13 year old sister was into makeovers.

5. None of my kids know what the name brands are. They have seen our budget, know that we do our best to provide with needs and wants, and know if they really want something they should save and watch Goodwill. It is not an embarrassment.

6. Teaching has become habit. Shopping, paying bills, cleaning, gardening, cooking, ANYTHING can be a teaching moment. Gardening can become a lesson on the importance of what roots you let grow in your heart, bills become math/budget lesson.

7. Other homeschoolers who's kids are friends with my kids talk to each other. If we are going to teach something big (like THE talk) we tell each other first, so that the other families are aware of what they may be talking to each other about. We also let each other know if there is something we notice.

8. Homeschoolers help other homeschoolers. We share ideas, field trips, books, advice. There is a common bond that I have seen. Normally we share a faith also, but we can normally talk learning styles, curriculum, joys and hardships. And those who have homeschooled through high school are invaluable with their wisdom.

9. It is touching those times when a lesson leads to more lessons. A history lesson led us to talk about salvation, a reading of Aesop's fables led us to talk about the dangers of credit cards, and a lesson on Hitler led us to talk about the importance of choosing the right curriculum's. I love those days

10. I love the fact that my kids are free to be who they are. They can be artistic, serious, love learning, and they are not getting picked on every day because of who they are. They know that they are loved by this family and the Lord. I truly believe this will make them more independent. They will be able to grow and become who the Lord intended them to be.

11. As busy as I am, it forces me to stay involved with my kids. I notice bad attitudes, loving gestures, right and wrong choices. I think if my kids were in school all day I wouldn't be real involved with what they are learning, and probably wouldn't ask tons of questions about school friendships. This is something in my personality, not a reflection on parents who send their kids. I know lots of people that send their kids and they are GREAT parents.

12. My kids are learning what it takes to run a small business. They see that it is a job that is 7 days a week, and really appreciate the days that we take some time away. They also know that trucks don't come loaded with product, and someone sells this all to the stores, stocks the shelves, collects the money. I have a vague idea of what my dad used to do in the military, but my kids KNOW what Knight does. They have gone with him and have learned how to do it.

13. Being with my kids all the time, they know the real me. They know the good, the bad, and the ugly so it reminds me that I can't be a hypocrite. They know that I struggle but they also see my heart. I am their mom, not their friend but yet they seem to think I'm ok (My screen saver says "Mom is cool" and they typed it!)

14. I am learning tons of stuff. This information would have been great to know when I was in school. Did you know that their is more than one way to do long division? And there are spelling/reading rules for almost everything. So nice to know!

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KarenW said...

I am so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool. I love being with my kids and knowing them. Me learning new things is a great bonus too!