Sunday, March 18, 2007

I think I love having parties. It always sounds like a good idea and I have big plans. I decide that this would just make the day neat. So then I actually invite some people. That is when reality hits.

So goes this weekend. Actually, I am surfing blogs and I stumble across some St Patrick's Day recipes. I check my calendar. St Patty's day is on Saturday. We should have a party. Never mind that we have never done anything to celebrate it, I want to make green food and rainbow jello!

Yeah, I can be impulsive.

So Friday morning after getting a whole 3 hours of sleep I call up one family that has 4 kids that are the ages of my kids. I tell myself, this will be fun, and if I don't get the house clean, they have seen my "real" house anyway and I've seen theirs. Who else should I call? That is when it hits me. I am SO tired.

I talk to two other people and they have plans for Saturday so it can be a smaller group. That is better for me. We clean the house and go shopping. The menu has been decided on. We are going to have lime punch, bread sticks dyed green and shaped into shamrocks, stromboli's tinted green, dyed hard-boiled eggs, shamrock cookies, and green jello. The rainbow jello idea was killed when I couldn't find the cups I wanted to use and this was easier anyway. We head off to Walmart to pick up some ingredients and we can pick up some crafts for the kids to do while we are there.

I have a hatred for party games. I like things to be fair so I don't have to see people upset. So for any kids parties we have crafts available and the kids still have something to take home. My kids have done games, but they come up with them, run them, and supply the prizes.

Anyway, St Patty's day comes and the kids decide we need decorations so they spend the morning making and hanging decorations from doorways, the ceiling fan, the wall. It does look festive. The family comes, I finish the meal and the kids entertain themselves for 5 hours while us grownups talk. It was a fun day but Knight and I take a nap after they leave before we head off to work. Maybe I should do this more often.

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