Monday, March 05, 2007

I have been reading Beth Moore's book Get Out of That Pit.

I will admit that these kind of books take me a long time to read. I love reading but I've never been into the self help kind of book. I will skim it but not really read it. And as good as the Beth Moore bible studies are, I have a lot of trouble finishing them because of how involved they really are. Well, I have had this book for a while and am making my way through it. It is really good. Last night as I was reading I came up to this paragraph.

So much of our propensity toward pit-jumping springs from the fact that
somewhere down deep inside, we just don't trust God. We think He's like all the
others who have cheated or betrayed us. As my friend, Chris Thom, says, "God is
not just a big us." Like Adam and Eve, we let the enemy taunt us into believing
God is holding out on us. Our drive for the proverbial forbidden fruit is our
innate belief that what we are denied is exactly what we want most.

Maybe this won't speek to others like it did to me, but I know how selfish I really am. And I also know how untrusting of others I am. And yes, I will admit, that does carry over into my relationship with my Creator. I am trying to be willing to have God change this (and lots more) in me. I am not one to "let go and let God" easily at all. Maybe I will be able to serve him in a way that pleases him.

On a side note, if you didn't know Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries has a blog. Written by her and her daughter. Just thought some may be interested.


Carey said...

Ive heard about this book, and I would like to read it someday. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

yours truly B said...

I love Beth Moores bible studies and yes they are in detail but, it makes a person think. I just stoped by to say hi party on. anyway come check out my website at
I liked reading your blog.

Esther said...

Beth Moore is the best! I found you thru The Party ;o)

I post alot about Beth Moore over on my blog. I saw her in person on her live tour a few weeks ago in WA. Fabulous!