Thursday, March 01, 2007

I will tattle on myself. Yesterday things didn't go so smoothly in this house.

It all started with a not so good night sleep.

Then the little ones were making Ramen in the microwave and forgot to add the water so the Ramen burnt and melted the bowl. Start of the stinky kitchen.

Lit some candles to help with the smell

For supper I decided to make spaghetti and fired up the laptop so I could catch up on Prison Break while making dinner. I popped breadsticks into the microwave to thaw them before putting them in the oven. I forgot to take the twist tie off and so the bag caught fire. It was caught before it ruined the breadsticks so I got the fire out (breadsticks were still half frozen) and popped the breadsticks into the oven.

Prison Break started getting really good. I was stirring my spaghetti and my sauce. I forgot about the breadsticks! I caught it before they were burnt (thanks to PC stonewear) but they were crispy.

Ahhh, Paradise.


Keri said...

De, I think you've been hanging around me a little too much. You're starting to get a little spacy.

Keri said...
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I'm Toni. said...

When you said, "I thought I would tattle on myself," I read it as, "I thought I would tattoo on myself." I don't know if you have tattoos or not, but I'm gonna guess you never tattooed YOU? Silly (tired) mom I am sometimes.
And I was laughing hard at the breadsticks on fire (after I realized you were safe, that is).